Fee Structure

For our consulting services, we operate under a reasonable daily fee structure and keep travel and other expenses to a minimum.  It is our philosophy that no one knows an agency’s strengths and potential as well as its own staff, board, and volunteers. Therefore, it is our ultimate objective to provide those individuals with the tools they need to ensure their organization’s financial stability.

In each case we meet individually with the client to determine the best approach before we begin.  Bearing in mind that nonprofit budgets are tight, our goal is to take whatever steps necessary to ensure that our clients become self-sufficient at the earliest possible moment.  We strive to “teach people to fish” rather than fishing for them.   That having been said, we are willing to pitch in at whatever level is necessary to get important tasks done on a timely basis.

For our public workshops, we charge standard fees depending on whether it is a half or full-day presentation and how much travel and customization is required.   For retreats and board presentations, our consulting fees apply.